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Schedule, Dates, and Locations of Mainland China Auditions:

Guangzhou:   Friday, October 21—Sunday, October 23
                  The Music School Attached to the Xinhai Conservatory of Music                                             

 Shanghai:       Wednesday, October 26—October 29
                         Tongii University

 Beijing:           Monday, October 31—Friday, November 4
                               China Conservatory            

For information for Mainland China auditions:

Contact Info: 


电话:(86) 010-6486-4526 Cell: (86) 132-6925-7393 尹老师,赵老师 (请在早上10点至下午5点之间拨打)
如果需要英文或广东话帮助请拨打:(86) 188-1891-6478 邓老师

Contact Info:

China Conservatory Education Center
No.1 Anxiang Rd, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing 100101
Tel: (86) 010-6486-4526 Cell: (86) 132-6925-7393 (Please Call BTW 10:00Am to 17:00Pm) Ms. Ying and Mr. Zhao

If you need assistance of English or Cantonese, Please call: (86) 188-1891-6478 Ms. Deng

Please download application forms from:

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Mainland China Auditions Are Hosted by Oberlin Conservatory of Music

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